My Therapeutic Approach

The body is the container of all our sensations and all of our feelings, the mind and the body are one.

At times, we feel lost and feel detached from our own body and mind, but we can work on finding peace and learning how to connect to ourselves and to others in a healthier way.

I strongly believe that we are not our diseases, diagnosis or our mistakes.

We all deserve to be seen, heard and loved, but mostly we should learn to accept ourselves and allow ourselves to be who we choose to be.


I work with the whole person using mindfulness and trying to connect the body to the mind. Together we explore your needs, wants, feelings, life stories, past, present, future goals/dreams, family, relationships and whatever YOU choose to bring in to your session and in to the room.


I have years of knowledge and experience in this filed and my own life’s experiences, but I do believe that each person knows deep inside who she/he is.

You may have your struggles and difficulties to find your way at times, but eventually you will, and getting the support can be helpful.


Therapy in my eyes, is not just when a person feels stuck or goes through a hard time.

Therapy is also a place to get to know yourself better, set up goals for yourself and have a safe space to share who you are, your goals and dreams, struggles and hopes in a non-judgmental environment.  


Being vulnerable can be scary at times for some of us, but behind the vulnerability there is a beautiful place of strength, growth, acceptance, recovery and freedom that we all deserve and capable to have.


The most essential part of therapy is the relationship between you and I.

My goal is to provide you with the safe space to express and process at times painful emotions with respect for the process and full support.

Truly, it will be my honor to meet you, the person you are and the person you desire to be.

Life should be lived to the fullest and should not be seen as only passing by or just trying to survive day to day. 

Life should be enjoyed and thrived upon.

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